Faculty Listing

Ali, Faizan Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator Hospitality Management Email 941-359-4774
Altuna, Margarita Instructor I World Languages Email  
Aming-Attai, Rachael Visiting Instructor Learning and Curriculum Instruction Email   941-359-4732
Angell, John Instructor I Biology Email  
Annaraud, Katerina Associate Professor Hospitality Management Email 941-359-4693
Arnold, Michelle Assistant Professor Communication Sciences and Disorders Email 941-359-4283
Askren, Joe Instructor III Hospitality Management Email 941-388-8977
Atwood, Karen Instructor I Biology Email 941-359-4392
Badanich, Kimberly Instructor III Psychology Email 941-359-4451
Barbeto, Linda Instructor I Chemistry Email 941-359-4687
Barron, Keith Instructor III Hospitality Management Email 941-359-4449
Becker, Thomas Professor Management Email 941-359-4245
Behnia, Rouzbeh Assistant Professor Information Systems and Management Email 941-359-4605
Black, Kathy Professor Social Work Email 941-359-4584
Blackburn, Brett Instructor I Biology Email 941-359-4398
Borghesi, Richard Professor Finance Email 941-359-4524
Byrd, Marie Associate Professor Educational Leadership Email 941-359-4534
Castillo, Marlius Instructor I Chemistry Email  
Carlson, Elizabeth T. Instructor Accounting Email 941-359-4654
Carmer, Adam Assistant Professor Hospitality Management Email 941-359-4310
Chang, Kiyoung Professor Finance Email 941-359-4359
Cobanoglu, Cihan Professor, McKibbon Endowed Chair, Director of M3 Center Hospitality Management Email 941-359-4244
Colpitts, Garry Instructor l  Hospitality Management Email 941-391-0870
Costanza, Frankie Instructor I Chemistry Email  
Cowart, Kelly Associate Professor Marketing Email 941-359-4576
Coy, Anthony Associate Professor Psychology Email 941-359-4326
D’Andrea, Joy Instructor I, Unit Chair Math & Statistics Email 941-359-4241
Deryol, Rustu Instructor II Criminology Email 941-359-4382
Domino, Madeline Associate Professor Accounting Email 941-359-4598
Gillespie, Michael Associate Professor Psychology Email 941-359-4228
Govindu, Ramakrishna Instructor Information Systems/
Decision Sciences
Email 941-359-4523
Govoni, Jane Instructor ESOL Coordinator/Spanish Instructor


Grosholz, Jessica Associate Professor Criminology Email 941-359-4454
Guadalupe, Sarah Instructor I Social Work Email  
Hartmann, Nathaniel Assistant Professor Marketing Email  941-359-4339
Haner, Murat Instructor II Criminology Email 941-359-4386
Hao, Feng Assistant Professor Environmental Sociology Email 941-359-4454
Javidi, Giti Professor Information Technology Email 941-359-4257
Jimenez-Angueira, Carlos Associate Professor Accounting Email 941-359-4575
Jimenez-Arroyo, Roberto Instructor III Spanish Email 941-359-4269
Kabongo, Jean D. Campus Dean and Professor, Muma College of Business Management Email 941-359-4234
Karlesky, Matthew Instructor Management Email 941-359-4647
Kirchman, Paul A. Campus Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Biology Email 941-359-4437

Kochman, Deborah

Instructor I Humanities Email   

Kong, Lu

Assistant Professor Information Systems and Management Email  941-359-4669
LaForge, Garret Instructor II Math & Statistics Email 941-359-4246
Lipscomb, Valerie Professor English Email 941-359-4718
Luque, Jenna Instructor II Communication Sciences
and Disorders
Email 941-359-4442
Madsen, Keri Visiting Instructor Communication Sciences
and Disorders
Mariano, Jenni Professor Literacies Education Email 941-359-4731
Mathe, Wayne Instructor I Physics Email 941-359-4426
McBrien, Jody Professor School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies Email 941-359-4635
McCleary, Ryan Instructor I Biology Email  
Melnik, Jan Visiting Instructor Professional and Technical Communication Email 941-359-4454
Michaels, Jay Assistant Professor Psychology Email 941-359-4772
Miller, Steven Associate Professor Finance Email 941-359-4522
Mistry, Trishna G. Assistant Professor Hospitality Management Email 941-359-4320
Moreo, Patrick Professor Hospitality Management Email 941-359-4327
Ngo, Fawn Associate Professor Criminology Email 941-359-4708
Oguz, Umut Instructor I Chemistry Email  
O'Malley, Roberta Assistant Professor Criminology Email  
Osborn, Terry Professor Education Email 941 359-4282
Penney, Lisa Professor Management Email 941-359-4653
Perry, Jonathan Associate Professor History Email 941-359-4248
Persohn, Lindsay Assistant Professor Education Email  
Pieri, Zacharias Associate Professor Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Email 941-359-4454
Polelle, Donna Instructor II Communication Sciences
and Disorders
Email 941-359-4249
Reck, Brianne Associate Professor, M. ED Program Coordinator Educational Leadership Email 941-359-4277
Rhodes, Dasha Assistant Professor Social Work Email  
Roberts, Jane Instructor III Social Work Email 941-359-4604
Robertson, David Instructor I Psychology Email 941-359-4722 
Robinson, A. Helene Instructor ll, Coordinator of Arts Integration  Elementary Education Email 941-359-4364
Rose, Jane A.  Associate Professor English Email 941-359-4469
Rushton, Stephen  Associate Professor Elementary Education Email 941-359-4345
Ruva, Christine Professor, Unit Chair Psychology Email 941-359-4629
Sanchez, Eddie Instructor I Finance Email 941-359-4631
Senapati, Su Instructor III English Email 941-359-4323
Sheybani, Ehsan Associate Professor Information Systems /Decision Sciences Email 941-359-4387
Sloan, Melissa Associate Professor Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Email 941-359-4286
Snipes, Michael Instructor ll Economics Email 941-359-4559
Stewart, John Instructor II Professional &
Technical Communication
Email 941-359-4262
Stone, Sandra Professor and Chair Social Sciences Email 941-359-4507
Tillman, Nathan Instructor I English Email  
Toth, Ildiko Instructor II Accounting Email 941-359-4252
Turnbull, Brian Instructor I Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Email 941-359-4290
Turner, Timothy Associate Professor English Email 941-359-4209
Unhelkar, Bhuvanesh Professor Information Technology Email 941-359-4654
Unnever, James Professor Criminology Email 941-359-4218
Vance, Carol Instructor II Accounting Email 941-359-4284
Wang, Po-Lin Assistant Professor Risk Management and Insurance Email 941-359-2470
Warner, Richard Instructor I Math & Statistics Email 941-359-4617
Wood, Donald Instructor II Restaurant Management Email 941-388-8977
Yacovazzi, Cassandra Assistant Professor History Email 941-359-4344 

Adjunct Faculty for the Sarasota-Manatee Campus

Agostini, Dominick School of Music Email
Banner, Edie Integrative Biology (Chemistry) Email
Cheng, Ryan English Email
Cunningham, Laura Psychology Email
Curtis, Kelley Anthropology


Fehily, Michael World Languages (Spanish)


Figueruelo, Odette World Languages (Spanish) Email
Fine, Zoe Communication (Pub. Speaking) Email
Fisher, Anne Psychology Email
Freeman, John School of Geosciences (Env. Science) Email
Gilbertson, Theresa Anthropology Email
Granstad, Amanda Mathematics & Statistics Email
Greenball (Silvestri), Bonnie Women's & Gender Studies Email
Grosso, Sean UG Studies (Leadership) Email
Hardesty, Craig Mathematics & Statistics Email
Kirksey, Alexandra UG Studies (SLS) Email
Miller, John CSD - Coll. of Beh. & Comm. Sci (ASL) Email
Nelson, Katherine History Email
Owens, Aron Integrative Biology (Anatomy/Physiology) Email
Pogoda, Wendy Mathematics & Statistics Email
Prevas, John History Email
Prifti, Bledar School of Int'l/Global Studies Email
Prisley, Elizabeth English Email
Ripo, Antonia UG Studies (Leadership) Email
Schubert, Glenna UG Studies (SLS) Email
Sherwood, Tracy Integrative Biology Email
Smith, Jacqueline English Email
Sprout, Michael History Email
Tarnecki, Andrea Integrative Biology Email
Thomas, Melody English Email
Voelkl, Gary Sociology Email
Wagner, Phillip Communication (Pub. Speaking) Email