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Dr. Joy D'Andrea

Title: Associate Professor of Instruction
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Phone: 941-359-4241
Email: jdandrea@usf.edu
Office: SMC B307

Joy D’Andrea, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Instruction of Mathematics and Statistics in the School of Natural Sciences & Math at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus. She recently graduated with her PhD in Pure Mathematics (Statistics Concentration) in May 2016.

Dr. D’Andrea received both her MA and BA degrees in pure mathematics from USF in Tampa, and holds an associate degree in mathematics education/web design. She is originally from Philadelphia, PA, and has been a resident of Florida for 25 years. She has been teaching mathematics courses for over 9 years, with additional experience as a tutor. She has taught at Polk State College, Hillsborough Community College, and USF in Tampa.

Dr. D’Andrea’s areas of research include Applied Statistics, Non-Response Regression, Survival Analysis, Extreme Value Theory and Mathematical Crystallography, which includes Geometric Group Theory and Abstract Algebra. She has experience with computing and programming in various languages such as maple, mathematica, python, R and SAS. She has a passion for teaching and engaging students both inside the classroom and out.

Additionally, Dr. D’Andrea is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She enjoys going to interesting and creative coffee houses/shops to listen to and present poetry. In her spare time, Dr. D’Andrea enjoys boxing, walking, circuit training, water aerobics and traveling to Key West for research. 


Discrete Mathematics Seminar, USF, April 21, 2014. ‘Coradjacent Edge Fundamental Transversals.’

Joint Annual Meetings, MAA Florida Section and FTYCMA, Edison State College, February 21, 2014. ‘An Extension of Euler’s Polyhedron Theorem.’

'A Topic about Teaching GEN Y Networking Skills.’ Submitted to Bentham Open Access Journal December 2013.

MAA 38th Annual Suncoast Regional Meeting, December 5, 2013, HCC, Ruskin, FL - Organizer of ‘Special Sessions on Geometry’ panel.

‘Fundamental Transversals on the Complexes of Polyhedra.’ USF Masters Thesis, Library of Congress. April 2011.

‘PolyCryst.’ A video game simulation that teaches children, teenagers, and adults about learning geometry.