Technology Services

Audio / Video Production

Event Capture (Filming)

Technology Services is available to help you record special events. This can be done with standard camera and A-V cart setup or, if you event is taking place in the Selby Auditorium, via the auditorium in-house system. (In the auditorium we utilize 3 in-house cameras and the podium computer.)

Examples of possible video production projects include:

  • Creating faculty or staff training videos
  • Recording student assignments for later critiques
  • Streaming live events online
  • Creating short documentaries
  • Recording and producing promotional videos

Depending on the size, length, and complexity of your event, services will vary and more notice may be required to accomodate your needs. In order to provide you the highest quality service possible, please remember to include Technology Services in your planning at an early stage. Additional costs may be incurred for such requests.

Video Editing

Technology Services provides editing services for recorded video or audio files. This includes basic procedures like overlaying audio tracks onto video and creating title screens.

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