Housing Application

Hall Rates

Hall rates are organized by financial aid year. Each aid year begins with the fall semester and ends with the summer semester. If you are a new student starting in the summer seeking financial aid, remember to complete the FAFSA for the year that ends with that summer in addition to the FAFSA for the fall-spring academic year. Click here to learn more.

Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Hall Rates 

Room Type 

Monthly  Semester  Academic Year 

Suite (Double)

$1,297 $5,188 $10,376

Four bedroom/Two bathroom Apartment (Single) 

$1,505 $6,020 $12,040

Two bedroom/One bathroom Apartment (Single) 

$1,648 $6,592 $13,184

Suite (Super Single)

$1,751 $7,004 $14,008