Housing Application

Payment Information

Housing charges are broken into three categories: application fees, rent charges, and miscellaneous charges (damage, lost keys, LLC fees, etc).

Hall Rent Deadlines 

Make sure to pay all rent by the indicated deadline for the term in question to avoid any late fees. Deadlines for payments as set by the University Controller's Office can be found here. Payments are due by the tuition deferment payment deadline for the term in question, as determined by Student Financial Services. You can view tuition deferment deadlines on this page.

All financial information including charges, balances, and deferment statuses can be viewed through the OASIS system. Within OASIS, the University's priority system will allocate payments toward tuition charges prior to housing charges. In order to meet housing payment deadlines related to move-in access, we suggest that residents utilize the Housing & Residential Education payment options below to pay housing charges.

Application Fees, Rent, & Other Payments 

Online in OASIS, Mastercard, Discover credit & debit cards, and electronic checks.