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The Team

Toni Ripo

Toni Ripo
Coordinator of Career Services / 941-359-4703 

Strengths: Relator, Harmony, Connectedness, Responsibility, Ideation

Personality: On a good day ISTJ, but mostly ISFP

Super Power: Discovery Activator; Career Teleporter

Biggest secret: Don’t put her on the dance floor!

About Us

Each graduate is employed or continuing their education upon graduation.

Career Services inspires students to explore career paths that lead to lives of purpose and teaches them how to successfully transition from college to career or graduate school with poise and confidence.

We accomplish this mission through innovative programming and partnering with stakeholders. 


Respect: We appreciate the unique capabilities and benefits of every individual.

Integrity: We are truthful in our communications and honor our commitments.

Communication: We are active listeners who are positive in communication.

Proactive: We anticipate the needs of our customers, are timely and persistent in providing service, and see assignments to completion.

Teamwork: We are patient with and considerate of each other. We will support each other in overcoming obstacles and celebrate our success together.

Excellence: We adhere to a process that enables us to deliver results of the highest standards