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Job Search


Most people apply to job after job after job and never hear back. This action has you competing with hundreds of others for jobs where you may or may not be the right fit for the position or with company. Let us help you stop spinning your wheels and wasting your time.  Here are reasons that lead to a call for an interview –

  • You demonstrate that you meet the minimum requirements of the position,
  • Your applications materials are tailored specifically to the position,
  • You demonstrate that your experience is related to the position,
  • You express sincere interest in the company and show that you are mutually compatible, and
  • You are acquainted with someone in the company who can refer you for a position. Referrals increase your chances of landing a job by 27%. Attend career events to develop connections in the field. Find out how to network for referrals.

To land the job of your dreams requires a strategic and focused approach. A focused approach has an internal and external discovery process. The internal discovery process is self-reflection on what motivates you and defines what you have to offer an employer. For the internal discovery process, take a moment to answer the following:

  • What drives me? What are my passions?
  • What knowledge, skills and experiences do I have to offer?
  • What problems do I enjoy solving?

The external discovery process is becoming familiar with companies who can offer you a position of interest. For the external discovery process, answer the following:

For whom do I want to work? Is it a large or small company? Are they people-oriented or data-oriented? Collaborative or individual in approach to work? Are they innovated/future –oriented or realistic in the here and now? Is the organization highly structured with formal protocol or flat with an informal structure? Is it non-profit or for profit. Do you have a preference in industry sector?

The following free resources can assist you in the job search:

The Chamber of Commerce membership directory is another way. You can search companies by category or industry sector. In addition, you can conduct a simple keyword search on the web using job title or industry sector plus, the location where you want to live.  Finally, there are the associations affiliated with a profession. Associations provide the latest trends in the field, offer meetings, workshops and conferences for professional development and networking. Some associations offer a student fee to access a member directory or a job board. The ONET has associations listed related to an occupation. 

Once you find the company, research their mission, vision, values, products or services. If you are excited about who they are and what they do, then demonstrate this in the application materials and in the interview. If they are not hiring, perhaps their competitor is.

Comprehensive Job Search Resources: The resources on this page will help you navigate the job search process from start to completion.