Critical & Creative Design Thinking Program

Student CCDT Award

Students who have achieved the Critical & Creative Design Thinking award are at an advantage over other students because they will have learned and proven skills that are highly desired by potential employees and/or graduate schools.  

The program will award students with a Critical & Creative Design Thinking (CCDT) award upon the completion of a certain number of options from a list of choices, including the production and enactment of the culminating activity. Before embarking on this program, students will complete the training supplied in the CCDT student Canvas course. Because the options for completion vary and may be co-curricular, the variety and nature of the CCDT options selected by each student will represent diverse expressions of CCDT.  

The culminating action plan, project, or research piece will demonstrate the Intellectual Standard level of CCDT based on the respective rubric. Students will articulate their engagement with CCDT throughout the process. By completing the CCDT program award, students will have increased educational and career outcomes compared to their peers.

Email Emily Pacula at to indicate interest in the student CCDT award program. You will be added to a Canvas course as an observer to review the details and participate in training. If you would like to continue to pursue the award after reviewing the Canvas course, please advise Emily so that you will be able to submit a proposal earn this award.