School of Education Students

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Program Description

The Florida Center for Partnerships for Arts Integrated Teaching (PAInT Center) is partnering with the School of Education (SOE) to re-institute the PAInT Scholar Program. PAInT will provide the opportunity for five School of Education students to engage in academic arts-integrated projects participate in internship experiences with PAInT Arts partners. To receive the PAInT Scholars recognition, students must complete the Academic and Arts criteria upon graduation from a SOE Program.

The PAInT Scholars Program requires the student to complete a minimum of 100 clock hours (with a minimum of 20 hours each semester of community service/leadership in arts integration) over four consecutive semesters in the School of Education on the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus. Under the supervision and support of the Arts Integration Curriculum Coordinator and the PAInT Center Coordinator, the student will conduct an arts integrated-research presentation and a variety of arts-integrated tasks, projects, and leadership/service designed to demonstrate scholarship, skill development, and experience in arts integration pedagogy. Selection priority will be made in consultation with the resident faculty and will promote equal representation across a variety of academic programs.

PAInT Scholar Oversight

PAInT Scholar Program oversight will be led by the SOE Arts Integration Curriculum Coordinator and PAInT Center Coordinator.

PAInT Scholars Pre-requisites

To be eligible for the PAInT Scholars Program, the following pre-requisites must be met:

* Meet all SOE admission and academic requirements.

* Enrolled as a SOE undergraduate or graduate.

* Completed EDE 4223, if in an SOE program that is part of program requirements. Note: These students may elect to take the Arts Integration Foundations PAInT course in Canvas.

* Complete Arts Integration Foundations PAInT course in Canvas, if not required to complete EDE 4223.

* Must obtain a recommendation letter from the SOE Arts Integration Curriculum Coordinator as part of completion of EDE 4223 or from the PAInT Coordinator as part of completion of the Arts Integration module(s).

* Completion and submission of the Application for Admittance to the PAInT Scholars Program.

* After submitting the PAInT Scholar application and acceptance into the program, a meeting will be scheduled with the PAInT Coordinator (PC) and the Arts Integration Curriculum Coordinator to develop each PAInT Scholar’s Arts Integration Plan (AIP).

Program Length

A minimum of four (4) consecutive semesters.

Program Outcomes

PAInT Scholars will:

* Experience the value of arts-integrated teaching practices in a variety of contexts.

* Foster competencies in arts-integrated curricula.

* Develop strategies to implement effective arts-integrated teaching.

* Gain experience in supporting arts integration in schools.

* Research and present literature and scholarly presentations about arts-integrated teaching.

* Engage in unique arts integration experiences with educators and community outreach arts professionals.

* Develop art skills in a chosen art form by taking classes and/or working with a local artist

Reflection Journal and Research Criteria

* PAInT Scholars will conduct research and must apply to present their PAInT scholar research at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee Student Showcase for Research, Innovation, and projects held annually in the Spring semester. PAInT scholars must present research on arts integration but may explore any topic related to arts integration and use any research methods appropriate, including arts based educational research methods. PAInT scholars are encouraged to explore the Student Showcase website for information on the process as soon as they are accepted as PAInT scholars. The immediate step should be to identify a mentor who will agree to mentor the student in their arts integration research and support them in developing research methods and a conceptual framework to explore their research questions. Scholars must meet with the Arts Integration Curriculum Coordinator for SOE.

* In addition to the log of activities and time, each PAInT Scholar will maintain a reflection journal submitted to the PAInT Scholar Canvas site after each PAInT scholar experience. The PAInT Coordinator will review expectations at the orientation.

* PAInT scholars will submit all arts integration artifacts digitally to document their arts integration and arts immersion experiences as directed by the PAInT Coordinator (PC).

Leadership/Community Service Criteria

* Must document 100 hours over the course of being a PAInT Scholar with a minimum of 20 hours each semester of community service/leadership in arts integration and must be a PAInT Scholar for a minimum of 4 semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer, etc.). Types of service/leadership in arts integration could involve presenting arts integration presentations at USF Sarasota-Manatee student clubs, presenting at the annual Creativity Conference, involvement in arts integration projects/preservice professional development sponsored by PAInT or USF Sarasota-Manatee faculty outside of required coursework experiences, research assistantships with USF Sarasota-Manatee faculty for arts integration research, and other arts integration service/leadership opportunities as supervised by the PAInT coordinator. All PAInT Scholars must volunteer for one day at the Creativity Conference (or a PAInT sponsored Conference at USF Sarasota-Manatee). All community service/leadership experiences must be approved by the PAInT Coordinator and the Arts Integration Curriculum Coordinator.

* Must show growth as an artist by documenting arts experiences, such as taking performing art or visual art classes, workshops, art apprenticeships, or other art residencies as approved by the PAInT Coordinator (PC) or the Arts Integration Curriculum Coordinator. PAInT Scholars should document a percentage of their 100 hours required above as arts experiences. The exact percentage will be determined when designing each scholar’s Arts Integration Plan with the PAInT Coordinator (PC) and Arts Integration Curriculum Coordinator.

PAInT Scholar Program Completion

After successful completion of the program, each PAInT Scholar will receive a $1500 stipend to be credited to their financial account and will receive a medallion, a certificate, and recorded on transcripts.