Center for PAInT

Curriculum Development

The Center for PAInT supports integration of the arts into the curriculum and assessment of arts-integrated programs used by Florida Preservice Teachers and Practitioners. PAInT also offers online non-credit arts-integration courses through the Office of Professional and Continuing Education (PACE).

PAInT Online Courses 

Teaching with the Circus Arts Conservatory

Meet the teaching artists/clowns of Sarasota Circus Arts Conservatory as they teach important science concepts to K-8 learners using the circus arts. The course includes videos and self-pacing modules for maximum flexibility. This course is free and will count as the first of several upcoming courses in the Arts-Integrated certificate.

Teachers Karen Bell and Robin Eurich

Karen and Robin both went to college, Clown College that is! After graduation, Karen performed with Ringling Brother’s Barnum & Bailey Circus while Robin performed on TV with WGN-TV’s The Bozo Super Sunday Show. Now, they work for The Circus Arts Conservatory teaching circus skills, clowning and science in Elementary and Middle Schools. They also coach for Sailor Circus Academy, a rigorous after-school training program that teaches kids ages 8 – 18 the circus arts. They are thrilled to share the wonderful world of circus and science!

Teaching Diversity Through Art

The inaugural Embracing Our Difference (EOD) Diversity course is the first of four that leads to a certificate in Diversity offered to Sarasota County Public School Social Studies teachers.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the meaning of bias;
  • Explain the difference between conscious and unconscious bias and how this relates to the perceptions of others;
  • Analyze the power behind words and how they affect us;
  • Identify how bullying can be related to discrimination;
  • Identify ways to observe artwork in and outside of the classroom;
  • Identify art resources to use when teaching about diversity.

Bernadette Bennett, EdD, is a member of the Curriculum and Instruction Department of Sarasota County Schools, FL. She holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction as well as a doctorate in curriculum in instruction with an emphasis on disciplinary literacy and staff development.   She has taught Social Studies at the middle grades and then elevated her craft by becoming the District Social Studies Specialist.   As the Social Studies specialist, Bernadette’s major responsibilities include coordinating K-12 Social Studies curriculum initiatives, identifying staff development needs and fulfilling them, supporting staff and schools as they implement standards based instruction with a focus on individualized instruction, and developing curriculum resources for all grade levels. She also serves as liaison between Embracing Our Differences (EOD) and the Sarasota County School Board bridging educational and community partnerships. Bernadette has an established track record creating partnerships with educational facilities, both non-profit and community agencies.


Dr. Bernadette Bennett
Program Specialist, Social Studies K-12
Sarasota County School District
941-927-9000 x34108