November Climate Conference

CAC Climate Adaptation Center

Event Details

The Climate Adaptation Center (CAC) is planning its second, in person, conference to be held at USF on November 19, 2021 so mark your calendar. It will be a first! The CAC will forecast what the climate on the West Coast of Florida is likely to be in 2030, 2040 and 2050. 

The first Climate Forecast will be provided and discussed for each of these areas: 

  • The frequency of hurricanes, their characteristics including intensity, duration, storm surge and related issues 
  • The outlook for Red Tide i.e. more frequent and longer duration with impacts on human health 
  • The magnitude of Sea Level Rise 
  • Seasonal day and night temperatures 
  • The issue of low probability but high impact events 
  • Investments and investing in light of these forecasts 

Not only will CAC scientists discuss the forecasts, but they will also provide the reasons for them. The forecasts will take the form of familiar weather forecasts one hears every day i.e. forecasts using probabilities instead of broad ranges. Using a similar format will help make forecasts more understandable and useful. One can think of these forecasts as being the first operational climate forecasts for our region and they may well be the first regional specific climate forecasts ever. 

The forecast is intended be a prototype for climate forecasts of the future and be a guide and inspiration for a new era of routine operational climate forecast as the CAC expands its geographical footprint. 

Updated annually, the climate forecast will provide decision-making guidance for industry, academe and local and state governments. 

Stay tuned for ticketing information and how you can attend this first of a kind history-making event! 


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Background & Mission

The Climate Adaptation Center CAC mission is to bridge the gap between the latest scientific research and public sector understanding of our changing climate. Founded in 2019 by Bob Bunting, Chairman and CEO, CAC is led by an experienced and noted team of climate scientists, executives and entrepreneurs. 

While international solutions to the global climate problem evolve in the coming decades, we are focused on the immediate need to address Florida’s present and future climate warming issues. Foremost among these are sea level rise, hazards to human health, red tide, changing hurricanes, and threats to the natural environment. There is an increasing trend for climate disruptions Florida and elsewhere. 
CAC is focused on connecting state and local governments, the scientific community and businesses to protect Florida from the challenges of climate change today and in the future.  CAC’s goal is to integrate climate science with business strategy and government policy to identify new opportunities and risk created by the changing climate and to help point academe to increase its focus on areas that need more targeted research. 

The emergence of the Climate Economy is an exciting opportunity that must be realized to meet the challenges associated with increasing climate disruptions due to a warming climate. 

CAC is a 501.c.3 Corporation with a IRS US Federal Tax Exemption