Facilities Planning & Management

Classroom Utilization


Facilities Planning and Management also maintains classroom utilization data that is updated each semester. The data is prepared in the format required by the Univeristy of South Florida Office of the Provost, and illustrates a year-to-year analysis of overall classroom utilization percentage rates, as well as classroom utilization percentage rates for specific days of the week and time intervals.

Classroom Utilization Summer 2021 Fall 2021 Spring 2021 AVG/YR
Overall Utilization M-F 2% 21% 19% 14%
Average of 9AM-1PM 2% 26% 25% 18%
Average of 1PM-6PM 1% 25% 22% 16%
Average of 6PM-8PM 5% 19% 18% 14%
Utilization of Fridays 2% 6% 6% 5%
Utilization of Saturdays 4% 10% 6% 7%

NOTE: Includes all classrooms and Selby Auditorium. Does not include Lakewood Ranch and Mote Marine classrooms.

NOTE: These averages are a reflection of COVID-19.