Welcome to the USF Sarasota-Manatee 25Live PRO webpage!

Effective November 5, 2019, 25Live PRO replaces 25Live Classic.

From 10/5/19 to 11/5/19 you may use both Classic and PRO until you complete training. On 11/5/19, Classic will no longer be available for use.

25 Live Pro


25Live PRO is available at: https://25live.collegenet.com/pro/usf

What is 25Live PRO?

25Live is the online scheduling product developed by CollegeNET and used by various schools. This system is used to schedule space throughout the University.

Classrooms for Academic Courses are processed in banner which feeds directly to 25Live PRO through an interface and should not be entered directly 25 Live PRO.

In many ways, 25Live PRO functions similar to 25Live Classic. 25Live PRO has more efficiencies and will be the campus space scheduling system for academic course scheduling and room reservations for meetings and events.  USF Sarasota-Manatee allows resources to be added for all reservations.

Major PRO Features that 25Live did not have:

Who can use 25Live PRO?

All employees can view 25Live PRO information but only USF Sarasota-Manatee staff who have been provided Security Access will be able to schedule reservations.

If you do not currently have access and need to schedule meetings in 25LivePRO, please submit a request to askspace@sar.usf.edu. The admin team with give you access to the online training in Canvas to complete. Once completed, you will be granted security access to make reservations.

Is Training available for 25Live PRO?

Yes. There is an Online Training that is available through Canvas and is offered to all USF employees at MyUSF > Learning & Teaching Tools > Canvas > 25Live PRO Training.

To be added as a student to the training course, you must first contact askspace@sar.usf.edu. NOTE: All new users will be required to complete this training and take a short quiz at the end.

How can I access 25Live PRO?

25Live PRO can be accessed at the following link https://25live.collegenet.com/pro/usf

Please use Chrome, do not use Internet Explorer.

Enter your USF NET ID and password.

Keep in mind that you can always consult online help if you have questions about what to do. Click the “HELP“ button in the upper right of the page to access all Help topics. Help icon

NOTE: All space requests go through an approval process and is not considered reserved until approved.

For same day reservations, please contact askspace@sar.usf.edu.
Note: Resources are NOT available for same day reservations.

Technical assistance (i.e. access issues, system failures, etc.) should be referred to the USF 25Live System Administrative Team. 25Live-Support@usf.edu. You can always contact askspace@sar.usf.edu and we will be happy to assist.

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