FUSE is the University of South Florida's guaranteed admission program that creates a seamless degree path for students to earn an associate degree before transferring to any of the USF campuses for a bachelor’s degree.

Students who apply and are enrolled in the FUSE program are placed on an established graduation pathway plan to ensure that courses taken apply to their associate degree and successfully transfer towards a University of South Florida bachelor’s degree. With academic advising provided from both institutions at their regional college, FUSE students will be ensured of the appropriate degree path, meeting all requirements, earning their associate degree in a timely manner and guaranteed admission to the University of South Florida.

Additionally, to help ease the transition to USF, FUSE students will also be engaged in activities on their selected USF campus, including a specially designed orientation session at the outset of the program and ongoing general student involvement in social activities while they are enrolled in their community colleges.

If you have questions about the FUSE program: 

Please contact Jackie Grosser at jgrosser@usf.edu.