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Students Complaints and Grievances

Non-Academic Grievances

The University of South Florida is committed to mutual respect among all constituents of the University community. In all concerns about fair treatment, we seek to work together to understand and address those concerns in an informal setting. As there are several offices designated to address grievances throughout the University, students should first identify the topic or substance of a grievance and file the grievance with the appropriate office. For more information, please refer to the Dean of Students Office website

For general student grievances (not addressed by other Regulation or Policy), please refer to Policy 30-054: General Student Grievance Process.

To learn more about navigating formal complaints, please click here


An "academic grievance" is a claim by an enrolled student receiving academic credit for a course that a specific academic decision or action has violated published policies and procedures, or has been applied to the grievant in a manner different from that used for other students. 

For student concerns related to an academic grievance, additional information can be found in USF Policy 10-002: Academic Grievance Procedure for Students.


The Student Ombuds Office provides a confidential, independent, informal, and neutral resource for students who have college related complaints and/or concerns of a non-legal nature.  The Student Ombuds serves as an alternate resource for students complementing existing channels of information and support.

Each University of South Florida campus has an ombuds or an ombuds liaison. As a USF student, you can meet with any of our ombuds staff