Nursing / STEM Building

Preparation for High-Demand Nursing and STEM Careers

Preparing more highly educated nurses directly translates into better, safer patient care. Hospitals that hire more baccalaureate-degreed nurses have fewer medical errors, fewer patient deaths and better patient outcomes than their counterparts.

Beyond health care, our region’s continued growth in the manufacturing and high-tech sector requires an educational pipeline to prepare more Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professionals. STEM research and education fuels innovation and regional competitiveness, while also creating significant employment opportunities. Graduates with STEM degrees on average enjoy higher earnings, regardless of the field they enter.

The Nursing/STEM building will provide the highly specialized facilities needed to attract first-class students, faculty and researchers. A simulation lab will give student nurses the hands-on training to build confidence before they work with real patients, and additional research and creative spaces will reduce the need for students to travel off campus for science lab experience.


  • 75,000 square feet to launch undergraduate and graduate health, science and technology programs
  • Makerspace/Discovery Labs
  • Reconfigurable classrooms with mobile, adaptable technology to enhance teaching
  • Research laboratories
  • Large-scale gathering facilities
  • High-tech group-study areas and individual workstations
  • Presentation and break-out spaces where students’ work can be digitally displayed to allow class interaction
  • Glass walls to create a sense of openness, energy and vitality

Our new academic and research building will allow us to expand our nursing, engineering and other academic programs, transform our campus and elevate the higher education profile of our region, addressing a heightened demand for more nurses, business leaders, scientists, engineers and other professionals.

Regional Chancellor Karen Holbrook

Here is why

  • A stronger and more vibrant local community
    • USF seeks to attract and retain bright minds, research dollars, and new innovations to impact our Sarasota-Manatee economy
  • Powering the talent pipeline
    • Sarasota and Manatee counties both project an increased demand for thousands of new professionals trained in the nursing/STEM fields
  • Better patient outcomes   
    • Hospitals who hire more advanced, baccalaureate degreed nurses offer better care with fewer medical errors
  • Serving a dynamic destination
    • With Sarasota-Manatee the top-ranked place to live in our fast-growing state, USF stands ready to grow to serve the community’s needs

Help us Grow

Your philanthropic support can bring this vision to life, making growth possible without increasing student tuition or fees. To support the new Nursing/STEM building, make your gift online or contact University Advancement at 941-359-4603 to discuss other ways to give.

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