Community Impact

The Opportunity to Advance Our Region

The USF expansion of its Sarasota-Manatee campus is about more than just a physical building. This plan will strengthen the physical and economic health of our community.

It is projected that more than 2,000 new nurses will be needed in Sarasota County alone in just the next five years. This expansion will enable USF to graduate more baccalaureate-degreed nurses to help meet this need.

This will also lead to safer patient care. Studies show that hospitals with a higher number of bachelor-degreed nurses have fewer medical errors and fewer patient deaths. In addition, outfitting a specialized skills lab on campus will enable more training on human simulators to better prepare student nurses to work with real patients.

STEM research and education

The new Nursing/STEM building will provide lasting benefits for the Sarasota-Manatee region. In addition to improving community health through a highly educated nursing workforce, the addition will bring economic benefits. Every dollar of federal research funding will generate a minimum of $2.60 toward the local economy.

  • Fuels innovation and regional competitiveness
  • Provides graduates with significant employment opportunities offering high earnings
  • Will benefit the North Port/Sarasota/Bradenton area which is experiencing significant growth in manufacturing and high-tech industries

Additional community benefits include:

  • Fight the local brain drain of young talent going to larger metropolitan areas
  • Create an event space to create a destination for regional conferences
  • Expand capacity to attract more high-achieving students and researchers to the region

Your philanthropic support can bring this vision to reality, making this growth possible without increasing student tuition or fees.

Support the new Nursing/STEM building 

To support the new Nursing/STEM building, make your gift online or contact University Advancement at 941-359-4603 to discuss other ways to give.

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