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John Stewart

Title: Associate Instructor
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Phone: 941-359-4200
Email: stewartj1@usf.edu
Office: C267

John Stewart, MA in English Rhetoric and Composition, has been a professional writer since 1990, beginning his career as a technical writer in the credit card software business with a BA in English – concentrating in technical writing – from the University of Central Florida.

From this naïve and hopeful beginning he has traversed the field from the days of green screens and floppy disks to mobile devices and XML, from Florida to Northern California and back, from high-speed access telecommunication to industrial furnaces. As a rough guess, he has authored, reviewed, revised, and published around 20,000 pages of technical documentation over the past two decades, much of it internal corporate publications like programmer specifications, both on paper and to online channels.

While continuing to work in the field, he returned to UCF to do graduate studies in rhetoric and composition and focus the rest of his career on teaching first-year writing and technical communications for the new millennium. His approach to teaching is oriented toward the classical rhetorical tradition of practice–continuing to be active in the field as a professional writer–and pedagogy as research. He is most interested in the literature of natural history, new media, and classical rhetoric.


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