Publishing in Canvas

How Automatic Course Publishing Works

  • A Start and End Date for each course is set in Banner.
  • The Start Date is set to 3 days before the actual start date of the class.
  • The End Date is set to 2 weeks after the actual end date of the class.
  • By default, Canvas courses publish and end according to the default Start and End dates set in Banner.
  • Instructors can manually change the date that their courses publish in order to suit their needs.

How Publish Status Affects Students

Before the Course Start Date
Students can see they have a “Future Course” in Canvas, but cannot access any of its content. Students can Message the instructor.

After the Start Date
Students have full, normal access to course materials and content.

After the End Date
Student’s access is reduced to a read-only mode where they can see the old content but cannot interact with it.

How to Change the Date Your Course Publishes

  1. Navigate to your course in Canvas
  2. Click Settings on the left-hand side
  3. Click the first Tab “Course Details”
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Edit Course Details”
  5. Click the Calendar icon next to “Starts:”
  6. Change the Start Date
  7. Click the blue button “Update Course Details”

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