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As a research-focused university, USF Sarasota Manatee values student engagement. Mentored by world-class faculty, you can design inquiry-based projects that enhance your practical understanding of your discipline. We encourage you to get involved today!

Apply for Research Assistantships

Faculty are seeking Research Assistants who are highly-motivated students with a strong work ethic and a curious mind. Please review the grid below, select an opportunity, and begin the process of adding research to your USF Sarasota Manatee experience. If you need someone to review your application materials, email Ben Heins (Coordinator of Internships and Service Learning,

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Honor Roll

USF Sarasota Manatee graciously acknowledges the hard work of our research-focused students and faculty mentors. The following is a list of all research assistantship projects, beginning Summer 2017.

If your name does not appear on this list, confirm your research involvement with Ben Heins (Coordinator of Internships and Service Learning,

Asu Atali (Psychology) Dr. Anthony Coy
Anthony Alibro (Psychology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Susie Bennett (Biology) Dr. Aparna Telang
Samantha Boddy  (Psychology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Megan Canavarros (Interdisciplinary Social Sciences) Dr. Jay Michaels
Jessica Cothron (Psychology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Marie Demosthenes (Psychology) Dr. Christine Ruva
Stephanie Diaz Ortega (Psychology) Dr. Christine Ruva
Lea DeWeerd (Biology) Dr. Christine Ruva
Jessica Engel (Psychology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Alexandra Fleck (Criminal Justice) Dr. Jessica Grosholz
Marissa Fleenor (Criminology) Dr. Murat Haner
Alana Fleischer (Interdisciplinary Social Sciences) Dr. Christine Ruva
Adriana Gaffey (Psychology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Grace Gray (Communication Sciences and Disorders) Dr. Eric Hodges
Ron Hans (Interdisciplinary Social Sciences) Dr. Feng Hao
Daniel Hinkle (Interdisciplinary Social Sciences) Dr. Feng Hao
Jovana Hoti (Communication Sciences and Disorders) Dr. Paul Kirchman
Jordan Kohn (English) Dr. Tim Turner
Ishan Kulkarni  (Biology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Alicia Maggio (Psychology) Dr. Anthony Coy
Alexander McClure (Biology) Dr. Aparna Telang
Luana Nanu (Hospitality Management) Dr. Cihan Cobanoglu
Kathleen O’Grady (Psychology) Dr. Christine Ruva
John Petrino (Biology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Tiffany Pitre-Zampol (Communication Sciences & Disorders) Dr. Jay Michaels
Carlos Santos (Psychology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Jessica Skinner (Biology) Dr. Aparna Telang
Zoe Skowronski (Psychology) Dr. Fawn Ngo
Julia Smirnov (Psychology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Demetri Strates (Criminology) Dr. Jessica Grosholz
Adriana Villar (Psychology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Stefania Warren (Psychology) Dr. Jay Michaels
Ashley Wichern (Criminology) Dr. Murat Haner
Jayme Williams (Psychology) Dr. Anthony Coy
Sabrina Zabell (Biology) Dr. Christine Ruva
Taylor Zabell (Psychology) Dr. Christine Ruva