Active research requires resouces, and we're here to provide the steps to access them. Read through the information below to learn more about everything from the application process to post-award procedures. 

USF Research & Innovation

Detailed steps, checklists, templates, contacts, and resources are available on the USF Research & Innovation website. The USF Office of Sponsored Research is a USF System office, providing support to faculty and staff at all USF campuses.

Funding Search

  • Search agency, government or organizational websites specific to your desired field of interest.
  • Ask USF Research and Innovation for assistance finding funding opportunities.
  • Use online search mechanisms, such as Community of Science Pivot (detailed below).

Community of Science Pivot

1. Create a Community of Science Pivot account. For step by step instructions of the registration process, please view the Pivot account guide.

2. Claim and update your profile. One of the benefits of Pivot is that it has over 3 million faculty profiles already created and maintained by the Pivot editorial team.

3. Search by keywords, sponsors, or advanced search options. 

4. Save any successful search queries.  When a search query is saved, Pivot will automatically provide a weekly funding alert that identifies any newly added or updated opportunities that match your query.

5. You can track, set to active, or share individual funding opportunities.

Mark an opportunity as tracked to receive funding alerts about it. This is useful for any opportunity you want to review later or to stay updated on.

Mark an opportunity as active if you plan to apply for it.  You will receiving funding alerts about active opportunities and it will be shown to you on your homepage once logged in.

You can delete saved searches and tracked opportunities, and change email alert settings, from your home page.

6. Within each funding opportunity record, Pivot will list “profile matches” on the right hand side.  This provides suggestions, based on profiles, of other Pivot members who may be interested in the opportunity.  This tool is useful to find people to collaborate with.

7. Contact Sandy Justice for assistance.

The USF Sarasota Manatee Grant Application Process

Pre-award Procedures:

1. After identifying a grant for application, faculty inform their college dean and receive approval for the resources necessary to apply for and process the grant.

2. The Principle Investigator meets with designated staff person from the faculty member’s college, to discuss the award and the steps necessary to apply for it.

Information Required Prior to Meeting
Name of sponsor/funding agency;
Submission deadline & type of submission (paper/electronic/email);
Draft title & short abstract;
Sponsor’s guidelines/program information

Information Required at Meeting
Approximate effort of Principal Investigator and other USF employees;
Approximate effort for external people, including consultants and subcontracts

Information Covered During Meeting
Project details (length, tuition, travel, human subjects/IRB, etc);
F&A calculations

3. The Principle Investigator notifies Kelley Schuler (Sponsored Research Administrator for USF Sarasota Manatee) regarding grant application and timeline. Please send Kelley internal budget spreadsheet and guidelines.

4. The Principle Investigator works with college staff to complete the Internal Form and Interest Inventory (if applicable), and any other grant packet forms (e.g. technical proposal and budget information).  In addition to your college office manager, relevant staff contacts for assistance in completing this information include …

Salary Calculations
Jennifer Shideler | Fiscal & Business Analyst | 941-359-4614

USF Procedural Questions and Support
Sandy Justice | USF Sarasota Manatee Office of Research | 941-359-4219

Interest Inventory, Conflict of Interest, and/or Nepotism Questions
Julie Moore | Conflict of Interest Manager | 813-974-5452

Import/Export Control Questions
Marsha Pesch | Export Control Officer | 813-974-6368

F&A and Other Questions
Kelley Schuler | Sponsored Research Admin | 813-974-1595

5. The completed grant packet is sent to Kelley Schuler for review, comments, and changes.

6. Kelley Schuler submits the completed grant application to the sponsor, negotiates contracts, and works with Patents and Licensing and General Counsel.

7. Kelley Schuler provides notification of award status to the Principle Investigator and Sandy Justice.

Post-Award Procedures:

1. College staff work with the Principle Investigator on any necessary implementation steps (e.g. Grant Budget Release, subcontract paperwork, GEMS combo codes, budget transfers, etc). Jennifer Shideler is available to help with payroll distribution.

2. College staff also work with the Principle Investigator to complete any paperwork that is required on an ongoing basis (e.g. reconciliation, PERT, etc).

3. College staff and Principle Investigator will work with assigned GFA (grant financial administrator) at RFM on all issues relating to grant financial management (e.g. single project transfers, budget codes, charges, invoices, financial reports, etc).

4. College staff and Principle Investigator will work with Vickie on all contractual issues relating to the grant project (e.g. contract/grant amendments or modifications, no-cost extensions, contract/grant renewals, project-to-project transfers, etc).

Close Out Procedures:

The Principle Investigator, in partnership with the college office manager, works with Nina Pemberton (Sponsored Research Administrator for the Tampa campus) to assist colleges with all necessary close-out procedures when the award comes to an end.

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