The Awards and Rewards Committee  presents three awards at the end of the Spring semester: teaching, research, and service. Candidates for the teaching award are solicited from students, deans, and faculty; research candidates from deans and faculty; service candidates from the whole campus community.


Committee members will serve two-year terms and those serving are not eligible to receive an award for those two years. The award recipients will start serving on the committee the following award year.

Current Membership


 Members: Dr. Faizan Ali CHTL
  Dr. Tom Becker COB
  Dr. Kathy Black CLASS
  Dr. Jessica Grosholz CLASS
  Dr. Jody McBrien CLASS-SOE
  Dr. Fawn Ngo CLASS
  Dr. Stephen Rushton CLASS-SOE
  Dr. Christine Ruva CSM
  Dr. Carlos Santamaria CSM
  Dr. Phil Wagner CLASS

Membership Archive