Leadership & Development

Advanced Leaders Retreat

This retreat is designed to enhance the skills of student leaders beyond introductory level leadership. Participants will focus on topics such as mentorship, empowering, and motivating others, systems thinking, and resiliency. This leadership development program is for students who have participated in other leadership development opportunities, have some prior leadership experience, and are seeking to further enhance their skills.

This is a completely free overnight retreat that begins on Saturday and concludes on Sunday afternoon with an adventure-based challenge, such as indoor skydiving, where we put our skills to the test by completing team challenges paired with indoor skydiving. 

To participate in this experience, students should complete an application. Applications are typically available during the fall semester. Application availability and deadlines will be announced via Note-a-Bull e-newsletter, BullsConnect, and Canvas.

Applicants who can demonstrate the following through their application will be given priority:

  • At least one year of leadership experience and/or membership within an organization, club, or another formal group (SGA, CAB, job, committee, etc.) since becoming a college student
  • Participated in other leadership development opportunities prior to this one and are able to articulate what they have learned
  • Are seeking to further enhance their leadership skills
  • Junior or Senior level student