Research Workshops

Grant Writing Map


Week 1 - Dr. Wes Bennett, DARPA

Week 2: Navigating the Journey for Early Career Grants with Dr. Ryan Toomey

Week 3: Leveraging Biology for National Security with Blake Bextine, PhD


2021 USF Summer Grant Writing Workshop

The USF Summer Grant Writing Workshops program was developed to help faculty design a funding strategy that will support their research aspirations. The summer workshops program has evolved over the years expanding to meet the needs of USF faculty. Through this program participants have the opportunity to earn certificate and a badge in Grant Writing. Workshops begin June 2, 2021 for 8 consecutive weeks. Throughout the program we are pleased to share the presentations provided by:

Week 1 - Dr. William Elwood, NIH OppNet

Week 2 - Dr. Norma Alcantar, USF Engineering

Week 3 - Dr. Christine Payne, NSF CBET

Week 4 - Dr. Alison Gammie, NIH/NIGMS

Week 5 - Dr. David Shifler, ONR

Week 6 - Dr. Kiki Caruson, USF World

Week 7 - Dr. Steve Murawski, USF Marine Science

Week 8 - Dr. Ryan Toomey, USF Engineering

2020 Presentations

Research Week Workshops

REUs Workshop (Presentation Slides)
USF Student Research Experience (Presentation Slides)
Research Compliance (Presentation Video)