Dr. Sunita Lodwig

Dr. Sunita Lodwig USFSM

Title: Instructor

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Phone: 941-359-4200

Email: slodwig@sar.usf.edu

Office: C214C

Area of Interest:

Dr. Sunita Lodwig has been an Instructor of Information Technology at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee for the last seven years. Prior to this, Dr. Lodwig was in the corporate arena for over twenty years (with AT&T Bell Labs and Motorola) in the field of Telecommunications during its most turbulent and exciting times. Her technical background covers a wide range – from defining strategy, technical marketing, project/product management, and globalization issues, to cutting edge software architecture, requirements, design, development and delivery. Dr. Lodwig shares her industry experiences and insights to illustrate and explain complex concepts much to the delight of her students.

For the last six years, Dr. Lodwig has been instrumental in developing relationships with local industry and businesses to support an internship program. Over this period, Dr. Lodwig and her colleagues have also worked together to expand the IT program into several baccalaureate concentrations and certificate offerings to meet current and emerging market needs and technologies. The entire program is online, offered in real-time as well as blended mode, to meet the needs of a wide range of students and working professionals.

Dr. Lodwig was a finalist for the 2011 Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year award in the Education category.


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