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Dr. Kiyoung Chang

Title: Professor
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Phone: 941-359-4200
Email: chang1@usf.edu
Office: C221

Kiyoung Chang is a Professor of Finance at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus. Dr. Chang’s teaching interests are corporate finance, financial management, international finance, and financial institution. His research interests include institutional investors, corporate social responsibility (CSR), international corporate finance, corporate governance, cash management, mergers and acquisitions and security offerings.

He has published in premier journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, Financial Management, Journal of Financial Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, International Review of Finance, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, International Review of Economics and Finance, Global Finance Journal, Journal of Financial Education, Applied Economics Letters, Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, and Journal of Economics and Finance. He served as an executive board member of the Korea America Finance Association in the past and is a member of Financial Management Association and Korea America Finance Association.  Prior to joining USF, he has taught at Indiana University, South Bend, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Slippery Rock University.


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