Dr. Ann Lawrence

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Email: annlawrence@sar.usf.edu

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Ann M. Lawrence is an Instructor of English and Composition. She received her PhD in Rhetoric and Writing at Michigan State University. Dr. Lawrence specializes in disciplinary rhetoric and academic research writing, which she has taught to undergraduate and graduate students, including multilingual writers.

In addition to her university teaching, Dr. Lawrence has worked extensively as a writing consultant for graduate students and faculty in education. She has provided long-term writing support to individuals, small groups and research teams, and has also facilitated workshops and writing retreats focused on strategies for composing and revising research publications in education.

One strand of Dr. Lawrence’s research centers on the personal narratives that academic researchers recount while they engage in research-writing activities. She examines how these unofficial inquiries through personal stories interact with academic writers’ official research projects. A second strand of Dr. Lawrence’s research focuses on how teachers’ and students’ familiarity with narrative rhetoric may be leveraged to enhance the teaching and learning of disciplinary writing conventions. Dr. Lawrence has collaborated with elementary and secondary teacher educators, co-authoring research publications and presentations on classroom discourse and disciplinary literacies.